“Levski” fans to Kostadinov: Calling us janissaries is not good for health

“Without entering deeply into the pit called Bulgarian politics, we want to state to the leader of the “Vazrazhdane” party that calling Levski’s audience “janissaries” is far from useful for the political career, but also for health.” This was stated by the National Club of “Levski” supporters on their Facebook page.
The reason for this was Kostadinov’s post on social networks.

“Last night, young degenerates, fans of “Levski”, after their team’s match, gathered the courage to attack several women in the tents guarding the monument to the Soviet army in Sofia. There were 30 of them (some of them criminally active), women – 3, on the years of their mothers. Modern janissaries have no way of knowing that this is exactly what their predecessors, the janissaries of the time of the Ottoman Empire, did. They deliberately sent them to their birthplaces to make them cry and insult their own mothers,” wrote the leader of ” Revival” on Facebook.

We remind you that late last night “Levski” fans attacked the tent camp in front of the Monument to the Soviet Army, broke the plaque on the monument and targeted other people in the camp with smoke bombs. The attack took place about an hour after the victory of the “blues” over the Israeli “Apoel” (Beer Sheva) with 2:1. “The National Club of Levski Supporters has a long-standing and consistent position in support of the dismantling of the shameful and humiliating occupier monument in the Prince’s Garden,” the club also wrote.

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