Over 2,000 followers of Denov welcomed the Divine New Year in Rila

On August 19, the followers of Petar Dunov welcome the Divine New Year on the Prayer Hill of the Seven Rila Lakes at sunrise. It is also the culmination of the Brotherhood’s Summer Spiritual School, which begins on August 1st and ends on August 25th.

Over 2,000 followers of the White Brotherhood participated in the Paneurhythmy dance by Lake Babreka.

With the multitude of people there were also violations – one of them is that of the permitted 60 tents, more than 200 were built by the lake. For this reason, there were also many fines.

Participants in the Paneurhythmy dance in a circle to the sounds of violins, which are at the center of the ritual. They say certain prayers, at the end they congratulate each other on the Divine New Year.

In groups, the celebration continues until the afternoon on the meadows nearby, at 2300 m above sea level. Also included are people who were not in the White Brotherhood camp, tourists who came specifically for the Peneurhythmia.

British historian and TV presenter Prof. Bethany Hughes and her team included the Seven Lakes and the brotherhood summer camp in their tour of Bulgaria. Prof. Hughes was in our country at the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism to represent our country in the program “Treasures of the World”, watched in over 120 countries.

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