Vasil Bozhkov landed in Sofia, and he was immediately arrested

Bozhkov will first be taken to the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital, where he will undergo medical examinations. Then he will be taken to the National Investigation to register him, and finally he will go to the building of the former specialized prosecutor’s office, where he will be charged and questioned as an accused.

His restraining order is expected to be filed tomorrow or Sunday. The prosecutor’s office announced that Vasil Bozhkov was detained for 72 hours.

The gambling boss with 19 charges announced his return on his Facebook profile, also posting a photo on a plane. Vasil Bozhkov has been in Dubai since the beginning of 2020, when two investigations against him began. Again on Facebook, Bozhkov announced that he had landed and that he was about to “meet the clubs”.

“As you can see, Bozhkov is returning today of his own free will and at the first opportunity. You know, two years ago the Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates refused his extradition, due to the lack of evidence provided by the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office of any crimes. Why he did not return in those two years – he was not allowed to leave the UAE for security reasons. We received permission the day before yesterday from the Attorney General’s Office and the first possible flight was today,” explained lawyer Baumeier.

There are a total of four investigations against Bozhkov. According to one of them, he is accused as a guarantor of the murder of Manol Velev, a gambling boss from Blagoevgrad, and of one of the attacks against Aleksey Petrov. Bozhkov announced his return to our country a day after the funeral of the former beret and exactly eight days in the middle of the show execution of Petrov.

In the spring of last year, the businessman announced that he had given testimony in which he accused former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, former Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov and the media adviser of the GERB leader Sevdalina Arnaudova of corruption. A little later, Borisov, Goranov and Arnaudova were arrested and 24 hours later released without being charged.

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