“Vazrazhdane” denied any connection with the Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia

“Vazrazhdane” categorically denied the statement of the British edition “Daily Telegraph” that the Bulgarians accused of espionage for the benefit of Russia were probably connected to the party, Nova TV reported.

“None of the three detained Bulgarians is a member of “Vazrazhdane” and did not participate in the organization of the election process as a representative of “Vazrazhdane”. However, they are Bulgarians who are innocent until proven guilty. The big question regarding this case is – why did no one except “Vazrazhdane” raise the question about the fact that the civil rights of Bulgarians from another country were violated? Why hasn’t the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the British ambassador yet? Are we once again witnessing a false development by the CIA for a false ” Bulgarian track”, which, as Kostadinov previously suggested, will probably be attempted to be connected with “Vazrazhdane”.

It is bad that, unlike the previous “Bulgarian trail”, Bulgaria stood behind the unjustly accused Sergey Antonov, now the Bulgarian government does not defend our compatriots in any way. In turn, we will ask: Yesterday, a significant figure of the transition, close to the PP-DB, was killed, why hasn’t Kiril Petkov been detained for questioning yet? We call on the media to pay attention to the important issues and not to spread unverified slander,” they also write from there.

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