Schengen: Bulgarian border falls! The deputy gave a deadline

Very interesting and decisive opinion of our MEP about one of our borders.

If we are not accepted in Schengen by Christmas, the borders between Bulgaria and Romania must be abolished. This was stated by the MEP Andrey Novakov.

According to him, joint actions with Romania would facilitate the construction of another bridge and the launching of a ferry on the Danube.

“For every day lost at the border, a truck loses 200 euros to its owner. Many of the drivers quit their jobs because they don’t want to hang out at the borders.

There are thousands of attempts a day to cross the border, it’s normal to have shares. When corrupt police officers are caught, they should know that they will lose their pension, all their privileges.

The problem with our reception in Schengen is no longer in the Netherlands, but in Austria. There’s going to be an election there and someone needs sexier messages like “we’re going to stop them so you can sleep easy”.

Peaceful sleep in Austria does not depend on whether we are in Schengen, on the contrary,” he commented in the morning block of Nova News.

According to him, since Maria Gabriel has been foreign minister, diplomacy has been at a high level. “Since she took over the communication with the European institutions, we have not had any warnings for non-compliance with the legislation, the process regarding our acceptance into the Eurozone has become clearer,” Novakov believes.

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