Shalamanov: Tensions are rising in the Black Sea

There is an escalation in the Black Sea and, unfortunately, it does not appear to be abating any time soon. On the contrary, it rises. If the Russians do not withdraw from Ukraine, the war is clearly moving into a new phase, which is associated with difficulties on the battlefield.

This was commented by Velizar Shalamanov, former Minister of Defense and security expert, on Nova TV, after yesterday the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a shooting at a merchant ship off the coast of Bulgaria.

Not since yesterday, the tension in the Black Sea has been increasing. This has been the case since at least 2014. In order not to allow a single provocative incident to lead to a truly serious crisis, we must have complete information, he added.

“There is still no official position from the Council of Ministers”, emphasized the expert. For now, all information on the case is based on a quote from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to him, “it cannot be ruled out” that Bulgarian ships will be fired upon. But it is much more important to take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening through the instruments of abstinence, said Velizar Shalamanov.

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