New data on the three spies. Ambassador with revelation

New data on the three Bulgarians detained in Great Britain for espionage in favor of Russia, announced our ambassador to Great Britain, Marin Raykov.

The British institutions have not informed us about the detention of these three persons quoted in the BBC message, Raikov told BTA.

Earlier today, the BBC reported that three Bulgarian citizens were detained in Great Britain on suspicion of espionage for Russia, publishing their photos and announcing their names.

“Practice in the United Kingdom shows that when a detained person, a foreign national, declares that he does not wish his country to be informed of his detention, the British authorities grant this right to the person concerned, i.e. not inform the embassy. in such cases,” Ambassador Raykov explained.

“Specifically, such information did not pass through the embassy. Accordingly, we do not know, regardless of the fact that every week we receive information about detained Bulgarian citizens,” he added.

“One of the women whose name is quoted was a member of an election commission, but was not a representative of the state, i.e. its determination as such is at the will of the relevant political party,” Ambassador Raykov added.

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