Putin: The West is doing everything to expand the conflict in Ukraine

His politics were about “adding fuel to the fire”

The West is doing everything to expand the conflict in Ukraine and involve new countries in it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a video message to the participants and guests of the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security, TASS reported.

“What this policy (on the part of the West – ed.) of adding fuel to the fire leads to is clearly visible with the example of Ukraine. By pouring billions of dollars into the neo-Nazi regime, supplying it with equipment, weapons, ammunition, sending of military advisers and mercenaries, everything possible is being done to further inflame the conflict and draw other countries into it,” the Russian leader said.
The United States is trying to reformat the system of interstate interaction in the Asia-Pacific region (ATP) under its authority, integration of the bloc’s forces with the AUCUS forces (Australia, Great Britain and the United States) is not excluded, Putin also said.

According to the Russian president, security challenges in various regions of the world are caused by the geopolitical adventures and neo-colonialism of the West.

In his words, there are “smoldering foci of tension” in various regions of the planet. “And although the security challenges in each of them have their own characteristics, in fact they are all caused by the geopolitical adventures, the selfish, neo-colonial actions of the West,” said the Russian leader.

According to him, only by uniting the efforts of the world community is it possible “to reduce the confrontation at the global and regional level, to neutralize the challenges and risks, to strengthen the trust between the countries and to open wide opportunities for their development”.

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