Croatia investigates Bulgarians for migrant trafficking

More than 100 illegal foreigners have been caught in our country today alone

Croatian police are investigating a total of 11 people, including two Bulgarians, for six separate cases of illegal migrant trafficking in recent days. The local HRT television, quoted by BTA, reports that it is a matter of transporting a total of 117 illegal foreigners in the Karlovačka region.

Police officers from Slun, central Croatia, stopped for inspection last Thursday a car with Bulgarian registration, driven by a 60-year-old Bulgarian man, who was transporting six migrants. During the investigation, it was established that two days earlier the foreign citizens had crossed the Croatian border illegally, with the help of another 56-year-old babbler.

Also under investigation for the same are a Romanian, two Bosnians, a Kazakh and a Croatian citizen.


And today, in various places around Bulgaria, illegal migrants and the canal workers transporting them were caught. Their total number exceeds 100.

80 illegal foreigners were found in a truck stopped for inspection on the Trakia highway early this morning. Behind the wheel was a 37-year-old Serb who was detained, and the migrants said they were Afghans.

Again early in the morning, in the area of ​​the village of Karnare in Karlovy Vary, police officers stopped a minibus for inspection, in the cargo compartment of which 29 migrants were found . They were also undocumented and re-identified as Afghan nationals. The driver, who is Bulgarian and has a criminal record, was arrested.

A police patrol caught five migrants in a car with Burgas registration on the Sub-Balkan road. The car was stopped for inspection at the entrance to Kazanlak, the driver was detained.

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