The woman who was shot together with Alexei Petrov also died

However, the injured woman was able to give a description of the killer before she died

The woman who was shot along with Aleksey Petrov also died in the hospital, bTV reported based on information from its sources.

However, she managed to give a description of the killer before she died.

The victim of the shooting in the capital’s “Dragalevtsi” district was taken to “Pirogov” after the murder of Petrov, escorted by heavily armed policemen.

The call for help was received at 12:40 on phone 112, the Emergency Assistance Center specified.

Two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. The medical teams confirmed the death of Petrov, as well as an injured woman with a gunshot wound, but did not specify her condition at the time, writes BTA. 

The only information was that the injured was a contact. She was shot in the chest.

According to unofficial information, the two were shot with a rifle while they were walking. 

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