The hints were not going to dissuade the PP from reforming the services

“We do not comment on speculation that behind the President’s desire to not have a regular government, to return to the “service” schemes, untouchable because of the control of the security services.”

This position was expressed by “We continue the change”, distributed to the media.

The party recalls that the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the head of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) are still appointed by the caretaker government and signed by President Rumen Radev.

In this regard, “We continue the change” state that a change in the services is imperative and they will work until they achieve it.

Speculations, which are hinted at in the position of the PP, flooded the media space after the murder of Alexey Petrov. Namely, that he assembled the current regular government, as well as that he held meetings with Kiril Petkov and Boyko Borisov. This opinion was also shared today by the former (and official – ed.) Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev. Another speculation is that with the mediation for the government, the former beret was likely to head DANS again.

A reaction after the murder of Aleksei Petrov came from the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Atanas Atanasov. In his Facebook profile, he insisted on the urgent convening of a meeting of the Security Council at the Council of Ministers, at which specific measures to limit the risks and counteract the current threats to national security would be proposed.

According to Atanasov, after the attempt on Alexei Petrov, it was noticed that the Russian agents in our country received instructions to take advantage of the situation and work to provoke political destabilization in the country.

“The main task of the special services and the entire security sector is to put under increased operational control the criminal contingent related to Russian organized crime and to prevent further escalation of tension,” commented the co-chairman of the DB.

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