From September, an electronic prescription for antibiotics as well

The goal is to make it easier for patients and doctors

Pit is planned to introduce an electronic prescription for prescribing antibiotics in September, Minister of Health Hristo Hinkov told journalists.

Prescriptions for drugs containing narcotic substances are expected to become electronic

Minister Hinkov attended the celebration of the Day of Salvation, which honors the memory of medics, firefighters, policemen and volunteers who lost their lives while rescuing the injured. The possibility of electronic prescription of antibiotics has been developed, technological refinement is pending and its implementation is expected, he added. Minister Hinkov added that he had spoken with the chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Union and “their request is to have verification from both pharmacies and doctors, which is sufficient”.

The writing of electronic prescriptions, referrals for examination by a specialist and for hospitalization began last year. The possibility of prescribing some medications and on paper – a white prescription – remained in force. At the beginning of this year, the electronic writing of the protocols for dispensing medications for expensive home treatment, which are certified by the regional health insurance funds, also began.

Here’s how the e-prescription system will work

The goal is to make it easier for patients and doctors, as the introduction of electronic protocols eliminates the obligation of patients to visit health funds and submit medical documentation for protocol certification. Their commitment to store and provide the pharmacy with the paper protocols upon receipt of their prescribed medications was also dropped.

Electronic writing of yellow and green prescriptions, which contain drug therapies containing narcotic substances, has already been introduced.

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